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Like many churches throughout the country, All Saints' has its own magazine which contains news and
information about parish activities, as well as a selection of articles covering a multitude of topics!

Magazines can be collected from the back of Church or you can use the link below to
request local free delivery or by post, for which postage is charged.  

The All Saints' magazine is produced monthly and the cost is 50p per copy.  However,
if you wish to enjoy all 12 magazines during the year, then there is a reduced cost of £5.

For further information or to purchase the magazine,  please contact the editor
at  This link can also be used to send
your articles for inclusion in future editions or you may be a local company who wish to
appear in our Advertising Directory. Space permitting, we are also pleased to include
details of local events which are being held in support of good causes.  Happy reading, Margaret

This is the the latest letter from our Vicar - Rev Andy Reid

Happy New Year! 

As we step into 2020, I am excited to announce our new “Bible Passage of the Year” from Proverbs 3 v 5-6 which says,

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart

and do not lean on your own understanding;

in all your ways acknowledge Him

and He will direct your paths.”

As I read this passage last May, I sensed God was saying, “This is going to be important during your time in New Haw.”  There is so much packed into these two verses for us to think about and reflect on as we make our way through 2020.  What does “Trust in the Lord with all your heart” mean?  If I can’t lean on my “own understanding” what do I lean on? What does it mean to acknowledge the Lord “in all your ways”? And “How will the Lord direct my paths?”  We will be looking to answer those and other questions that arise as we make our way through the year. 

My journey in trusting God has been a bit of a process, and I wish I’d been more trusting sooner!   Gradually, over the years, I’ve learned to let God lead and guide me in big and small things.  At first it felt a bit scary, “Will I make a fool of myself here?”, “What if God doesn’t help me out?”, but in reality as I trusted God I came to realise that, so long as I am focussed on glorifying Him through my words and actions, then there is nothing to fear.  It has become an adventure to put my trust in God more and more, and in bigger things in my life!  Yes, I’ve occasionally found myself in extraordinary situations and circumstances at times, but as I’ve continued to trust God, I’ve seen his hands at work and it’s been exciting and a huge privilege to be a part of that. 

Whatever situation we find ourselves in good or bad if we acknowledge His presence with us and seek His guidance in the decisions we are making, big or small, then He will direct and guide us…and His paths are always good!

So, my prayer for us all is that these words will feed and nourish us in our faith as we trust God, and seek to understand what they mean and how they apply to our lives. 

Every blessing for 2020!

Rev Andy K Reid


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