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Thanks to everyone who supported the August Work Party - lots of work got done and there was even time for a coffee!

This is the the latest letter from our Vicar - Rev Andy Reid

Someone recently asked me, “What distinctive mark do we, as a church, bring to our community?”  That is a brilliant and vitally important question!

“Why do we need to have a distinctive mark?” Well, I believe that any organisation or group that wants to be recognised for its value and contribution in our community needs to be clear about what that role and contribution is.  It is a question of purpose and direction.  Without a clear purpose and direction, we and others will struggle to recognise the value of our contribution to the community. 

Too often the church has been viewed as a negative, judgemental voice or Christians seen as hypocrites who don’t actually walk their talk!   ALL  Saints’  has  a  real heart for our community – we pride ourselves for being kind, relational people – BUT… Lots of people in our community have a heart for our community, are kind, relational people too! Simply being warm or friendly isn’t enough - those things don’t distinguish us from our community!

We all long to see God at work in our lives and our community. Our ‘distinctive mark’, the thing we have to offer our community is the Faith to allow God to work in and through us to make a positive difference in our  community!  We just need to put our faith into action.  Sounds simple doesn’t it…but of course if we are going to exercise ‘Faith’ that requires us to step out of our comfort zones and allow God to lead us in  doing  extraordinary  things  -  bringing  transformation  to  difficult situations  through  prayer,  demonstrating  God’s love through our actions and allowing God to work powerfully through us to transform difficult situations in the lives of people in our community! Recently a grieving widow said to me, “I just need someone with faith in their life to be alongside me!”  She did not believe in God herself but found peace and comfort in having faithful people around her.

This month we begin a new teaching series at our Sunday services focusing on “Living Faith” – How to live a life of faith that glorifies God, blesses others, and helps us to fulfil our God-given purpose. I believe that as we explore having a ‘Living Faith’, we will see God working in and through us, making a difference by bringing blessing, hope and love to our community of New Haw.

Every blessing, Rev Andy K Reid


This is the final part of Louise's magazine article on the history of our church in New Haw:

Minor development followed the First World War. The pub and garage were built (1937) and Heathervale Baptist Church opened (1938, expanded 1958). More rapid development occurred after the Second World War. The infrastructure improved as the transport links, industry and housing developed and a London ring road was once again discussed!

In 1962 New Haw was an independent conventional district, until it became an independent Parish (1972). The church built extensive community halls (opened 1964) financed by a Diocesan grant and capital from selling the land around the vicarage (acquired 1953). Barbara Smallbones, a church member, moved the nursery from above the former Co-op site to the new halls. It was privatised in 2000 and continues to thrive today. The community hall seats 175 people and accommodates larger church services, Messy Church and a monthly informal service (2017). They continue to be a vital part of the churches mission as gathering places for people to worship, participate in sport, activities and social events.

A small prefabricated building behind the church became the library from 1952, until the library was moved to the Broadway (1969). The old building was used for church youth work and the nursery until it was condemned and replaced with a cabin style building - Bosco’s Community Building and Claire’s café (2009) extending the facilities. As well as a cafe it is used as office space, youth/ holiday club, church meetings, Alpha, community groups, parties and council training.

Once a year the whole church facilities are used for Holiday club hosting 100 local children with 50 volunteers. More recently, the church has developed missional work to accommodate groups and services for older members of the church and community.

Given the transport and agriculture links to the area, it seems quite fitting that the church now nestles between the Government Veterinary Laboratories and the M25 Passover (1981-1983). The ring road was eventually agreed (1975), moving the Junior School and subsequently replacing the site with houses after the bridge was complete.

It has been fascinating seeing how the transport, industry and housing developments have impacted the area and how the church has responded in developing community facilities, mission and ministry

At the dedication of the church in 1911 the Bishop called “All Saints’ to be a place of prayer, worship and education.” He would be proud I think! It started as a church school and continues today to provide a space for worship, prayer and mission. The DNA of the church continues to have a core focus on serving and educating the local children and youth through Sunday Children’s church, Toddler groups, ‘Little Saints’ services, Messy Church, Youth club, holiday club, hosting the nursery and the other community groups. One bishop described All Saints’ Church as small, but dynamic, but the description I love best is ‘a small church punching way above its weight!’

Louise Oliver

Claire's Cafe is open every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 9.15 to 12.15.  Everyone welcome - come and chat while donating to Church Funds.  You can also bring your knitting and work while you socialise!




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