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Like many churches throughout the country, All Saints' has its own magazine which contains news and
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The All Saints' magazine is produced monthly and the cost is 50p per copy.  However,
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For further information or to purchase the magazine,  please contact the editor
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details of local events which are being held in support of good causes.  Happy reading, Margaret

This is the the latest letter from our Vicar - Rev Andy Reid

This term we’ve been exploring what it means to have Faith.  Many people claim to believe in some supreme creator-being… But, is that Faith?  Is true faith about believing in something…?  Or is it something more?  In James Ch 2 v 14-end we are told, “Faith without works is dead!” James explains that true faith is demonstrated through what we do. He points out that even demons believe in Jesus Christ… they know that he died and rose again, but that does not bring them salvation.  Whilst believing that Jesus is the Son of God who died for us, is important… it is not enough.  James’ point is this, if we truly believe in Jesus and all that he has done for us, then that will show through the way we live.

Christians are often criticised for being hypocrites - not living our lives in a distinct way, holding to the teaching in the bible. People notice when we drink too much, swear, don’t tell the truth, etc..  Another criticism is that we are “holier than thou”. That criticism comes when we are judgemental of others, criticising them for their life choices – they feel like we are placing ourselves in some position of superiority over them. Neither hypocrisy nor judgmental attitudes reflect how the bible teaches us to be if we truly have faith in Jesus.

True faith shows when we are loving, compassionate, joyful, hopeful, humble, generous, willing to serve others, etc. no matter what life throws at us!  A true and living faith shows when we face struggles and difficulties in life, but despite those challenges we hold on to our faith and trust in God, believing He is with us, and working in and through us. That is when our faith becomes strong, powerful and true! When we walk through the valley of shadows clinging on to our faith… putting our hope and trust in God to lead us through, THEN people see the kind of faith that they expect, and they like it! It’s attractive!  It’s contagious! It’s inspirational! It’s real!

When we behave like that we reflect Christ likeness, and it is consistent with what the bible teaches.  It’s hard to criticise someone who is loving, compassionate, joyful, hopeful, humble, generous and keen to serve others! Imagine a world full of people like that… just how God intended it to be!

Every blessing, Rev Andy K Reid


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