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  • We don't need a building to BE church!

    We've had to close our church buildings to support physical distancing... But we're not going to let some pesky virus stop us being the Church and worshipping God.  'The Church is the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it!' (1 Corinthians 12 v 27)  We, the people are the church...not our building! So we continue to meet virtually for prayer, services and fellowship, loving our neighbours by offering practical support to the vulnerable, and caring for our communities.  We have a variety of services and activities that you can join in with. Hopefully we've got something for everyone, whether you are a Silver Surfer, or a parent with young kids, we hope we've got something for everyone!  So take time to look around this website to discover something of interest and value to you.

    Making Ends Meet:

    The work of our church is reliant on people’s generosity, a generosity that is the hallmark of a living faith and trust in God. We give to our church in a variety of ways - offering our time, using our gifts and talents and donating a portion of our monthly income to support the work of the church. Sadly, the closure of our buildings has hit us hard, and we are facing significant losses as a result. (E.g. we have lost revenue from our Halls bookings, and we can no longer take up an offering during our services.) If you are able to support us financially, either by a one-off gift, or better still through regular monthly giving, your gift would make a huge difference. Please visit our Giving page by clicking here. Thank you, in advance for any support you can give.


    Opening Church for Private Prayer.

    From Monday 7th September, the church will be open during the day for private prayer. Full instructions regarding social distancing, sanitisation and recording details of those entering the building are available on entry.


    Join Us For Our Upcoming Services Online!

    We LOVE to gather together to worship God... Yes!  Even in this current time of physical distancing!  Sunday is the best day of the week, because that's the day when we gather together online, to sing worship songs, listen to bible readings and teaching, pray and often share in a spiritual communion together.  We do this to celebrate everything Jesus Christ has done for us. Join us at 10am on Sunday as we praise and worship God together. 

    There are THREE ways that you can join us...

    Here on our homepage

    On our Facebook page

    Now also available on

    The service will be available 
    from 10am on Sunday 
    morning.  The recording will remain on
     our homepage for the rest of the week
    so that you can watch it again and again.



    The service will remain
    on our Facebook feed so that you can
    enjoy it again and again later.  If you 
    have not already 'Liked' us on Facebook, 
    why not go there now and do that?


    YouTube Banner Size & YouTube Channel Art Size Guide: 2020 Edition


    Click here to watch on YouTube.
    You will not be able to find the service 
    on YouTube by using the' Search' 
    function, so please use the link 
    above instead.


    Sunday 30th August


    Sunday 23rd August






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